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Product Size: 50g (128 cal/bar)
Product Type: Dark Chocolate
Product Flavour: Mint

Product Information:
Caring Candies’ 70% Dark Chocolate With Mint chocolate bars have some of Caring Candies’ mint-flavoured hard candies crushed up and sprinkled inside them. They are free from all ‘nasties’ such as added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. They are tooth-friendly, kosher, and are very low in glycaemic carbs.

Caring Candies’ chocolates are made from real cocoa beans and not soya. We use only natural ingredients, which means No artificial sweeteners, No artificial flavourants, No artificial colourants, and No preservatives. Instead of sugar we use a natural sugar substitute called Maltitol, which is very similar to the better-known Xylitol. One of the many benefits of using Maltitol is that it gives our chocolate a lovely mouth-feel.

Another benefit of using Isomalt is that it has Zero Glycemic Carbs, which makes it ideal for Diabetics or those following the LCHF/Banting lifestyle. Isomalt is also tooth-friendly, which is why we have many Dentists recommending them to their patients – we even have a range of lollipops called Doc’s Pops, specifically for handing out at the end of a consultation.

Suitable for:
Absolutely everybody including Diabetics, the health conscious, individuals with ADD, ADHD, or food allergies, as well as those following a low-carb, banting, or sugar-free lifestyle.

Maltitol (powdered)*, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Full Cream Milk Powder, Skim Milk Powder, Non Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (Palm Fruit), Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavouring. Isomalt, Natural Toffee Flavour, Natural Caramel Colour.
*Maltitol is a natural sugar-free sugar substitute, which is very low in glycaemic carbs, it’s tooth-friendly, and is ideal for diabetics or those following a low carb lifestyle. Please note that maltitol comes in two variants – maltitol syrup, which has a high gi, and maltitol powder, which has a low gi. We naturally use the powdered maltitol with the lowest gi.

Allergens – none. Some of the ingredients come from a supplier who has Tree Nuts and Soy beans, and Dairy the premises. Allergen Control Program in place.

Please Note:
Possible Laxative Effect:
Sugar-free products work in the body like dietary fibre. For this reason, Caring Candies recommend you limit yourself in the beginning to avoid a possible laxative effect.
Nutrition Facts:
Caring Candies are all laboratory tested by a SANAS-accredited outsourced Laboratory.
Kosher Certification:
Our hard candies are all certified Kosher Parev.

1 year from date of manufacture.

Storage Instructions:
Store in a cool, dry place away from heat. If chocolate products become too warn the cocoa butter separates causing a white/greyish “bloom” on the surface. The chocolate is still perfectly safe to eat, but does not look as appetizing.

Sugar Free vs Sucrose Free Labelling:
Milk naturally contains traces of a sugar called “Lactose”. For this reason, our chocolates are labelled “Sucrose-Free” instead of “Sugar-Free”. Even though NO SUGAR IS ADDED, by law, if it contains traces of Lactose, we cannot label it sugar-free. If your allow yourself Milk, then you can go ahead and enjoy our chocolates!


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