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Product Size: 30 ml
Product Type: Drops

Product Information:
Sepia, Aristolochia, Sulfur jodatum, Juglaus regia, Viola tricolor, Arctium lappa, Selenium and Asterias: are used in the preparation for their effect on treating acne. Lycopodium and Selenium: have an effect of stimulating the liver to promote elimination. Hydrocotyle Asiatica and Staphisagria: counteract itching of the skin.

Sepia D12, Aristolochia D6, Sulphur jodatum D12, Juglans regia D6, Viola tricolor, Hydrocotyle asiatica D6, Cetraria islandica D6, Arctium lappa, Selenium D12, Staphisagria D6, Lycopodium D6, Asterias rubens D6. Alcohol content: 50% v/v.

10 Drops on the tongue 4 times daily for long-term use.

This product contains medicinal alcohol which will evaporate once added to a little lukewarm water.


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