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Product Weight: 0.2 kg
Product Colour/Design: Cherry

Product Description:
Each nappy comes with two highly absorbent microfibre inserts so there is no need to buy any extra boosters – you have all that you need to get started! These Original Pocket Solid Coloured Bamboo Nappies feature the following:

– OSFM (One Size Fits Most – app 3.5-17kgs).
– Waterproof
– 6 Absorbency Layers
– 100% Natural Bamboo/cotton Lining
– Natural materials against skin
– Size nappy using the rows of snaps to fit your baby. Stuff inserts into the pocket and put on like a disposable.
– 4 hours line drying time
– Tumble Dryer safe – low heat
– Easy to use, natural fabrics against the skin, easy to wash, recommended for sensitive skin.

Simply stuff the insert inside the pocket of the nappy or fold the flaps flat in the nappy, place under baby’s bum and fasten it around the waist, similar to the way you would fasten a disposable diaper. The all in one design means no folding, no pinning, no covers, nothing!

Washing Instructions:
Simply remove baby’s soiled nappy, flush the liner (if used) down the toilet and toss the dirty nappy into a dry bucket with a lid. When it’s laundry time, dump the contents of the bucket into the washing machine and relax because here comes the fancy part – the inserts in our pocket range of nappies agitate out of the pocket during the washing cycle so no need for you to remove them in advance and touch anything dirty! You may not appreciate that now, but once you start washing your nappies you’ll understand why this concept is so ingenious!


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