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Hook your Dopper Bottle with the new Dopper Carrier! This carabiner allows you to easily click your favourite wingman to your backpack, handbag or sports bag – ideal if your memory is like a sieve and searching for your Dopper is part of your everyday rituals. The Dopper Carrier can be used for the Dopper Original and the Dopper Steel.

And while we are on the subject of hooks… when you go fishing in 2050, you are very likely to end up with plastic as your catch of the day. Research has shown that by that time there will be more plastic than fish swimming in the sea. With the Dopper Carrier, you will help turn the tide. From now on you will have your Dopper with you all the time, so you will never have to buy single-use bottles ever again. That really reduces the amount of plastic waste. Anything but fishy is also that 5% of the net Dopper turnover goes to the Dopper Foundation, which invests in solutions for the plastic issue that go beyond the bottle itself. For example, the Dopper foundation gathers knowledge which is shared with the Dopper Academy, and it invests in Simavi drinking water projects in Nepal – because having clean drinking water is vital if you want to replace bottled water with a sustainable alternative.


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