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Product Size: 150 g (20+ servings)

Product Information:
Instant Golden Latte Benefits:
• 150g resealable pack – about 25 individual servings.
• Indian style, caffeine-free golden milk recipe.
• Convenient, instant turmeric latte mix.
• Each serving contains about 1.6g of turmeric.
• 100% organic coconut powder, turmeric and mild spices.

Our Turmeric Golden Latte is incredibly quick and simple to make. First, warm about 200ml of milk in a pan. Meanwhile, mix a generous teaspoon of Golden Latte powder in a mug with a little hot water, then blend into a smooth paste. Finally, top up your mug with the warmed milk, stir, then leave the spices to infuse for a few minutes before drinking.

For an even more indulgent experience, try adding a few drips of golden honey or a topping of frothed milk!

Turmeric, organic coconut milk powder, Ceylon cinnamon, Ginger, Himalayan pink salt, Black pepper, Cayenne pepper.


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