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Product Information:
Super Natural Calcium provides completely natural calcium from two plants. It is a vegan-approved alternative to synthetic forms of calcium ubiquitous in the dietary supplement industry today. The calcium in Super Natural Calcium is supplied by Hydrilla verticillata, a rooted, freshwater plant that Metabolic Vibrance is intended to mark the path to a more wholistic approach to blood sugar control. Nutrients in Metabolic Vibrance have been selected for their role in supporting normal insulin uptake at the cellular level by providing a correct balance of nutrients associated with normal glucose metabolism within cells.* Other ingredients inhibit the conversion of dietary carbohydrate to blood sugar at the border of the intestinal lining to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.*

Take three (3) capsules one, two or three times each day or as directed by a health professional. Capsules may be taken either with or between meals. An effective dosage can vary among persons. This product may be used with or in place of Metabolic Vibrance Powder.

Diabetics on insulin should consult their doctor before taking Metabolic Vibrance, and may need to adjust personal insulin dosages in response to improved utilization if it should occur. DO NOT exceed three scoops per day except on the advice of your health professional.


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