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Product Type: Powder
Product Flavour: Mango

A multimineral supplement that helps support the body’s pH regulating mechanisms. Multiforce Alkaline Powder is a multi-mineral dietary supplement that is proven to increase urinary pH. An increase in urinary pH is associated with a more alkaline body pH meaning there is less acidity in the body. The maintenance of optimal mineral and acid-base balance is linked to an increase in general well being. As with most things in life, good health is also about finding the right balance.

Benefits and Features:
• Proven to increase urinary pH which means there is less acidity in the body.
• Magnesium Hydrogenium phosphate acts as a digestive antacid.
• Calcium citrate has phosphate-binding properties which results in alkalinity.
• Magnesium citrate has a bowel cleansing effect.
• Potassium Bicarbonate has blood alkalinising properties and acts on metabolic acidosis.
• Magnesium citrate has a bowel cleansing effect.
• Potassium citrate has a diuretic and alkalinising effect on the urine by combining with calcium and acid in the kidneys (this also helps prevent the formation of kidney stones).
• Dicalciumphosphate 2-Hydrate is an easily absorbed calcium which helps controls acidity while building bones and helping prevent bone loss, and as an aid to reducing blood pressure and cardiac ailments.
• Acerola extract has antioxidant properties.

Multiforce Alkaline Powder can be used daily as part of a health management programme by adults and children over the age of 6 years.
Adults: Add a heaped teaspoon or medicine measure (7.5g) or the contents of one 7,5g sachet of the powder to a large glass of water, stir well and drink once a day on an empty stomach.
Children 6-12 years: Half a medicine-measure daily.
Dosage may be increased by adults to 15g (two heaped teaspoons) per day if needed.


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