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Product Size: 60 g
Product Flavour: Original

Product Information:
Raw Chocolate (known as Cacao) has been revered by ancient traditions for centuries because its purpose was well known and understood: Raw Cacao is a carrier of medicine. Chocolate dilates the cells acting as an express delivery system, driving nutrition deep into the body. The ancients, therefore, used to make a chocolate drink consisting of cacao combined with a variety of different medicinal foods and herbs in order to drive the goodness of these botanicals deeper into the body. So the challenge in today’s world is that ‘normal’ chocolate drives refined white sugar, trans fats, and dairy into the cells (known allergens and carcinogens). Our raw Cacao is unroasted and cold processed to ensure that nutrients are not destroyed by the heating process. Furthermore, it is stone ground and tempered below 47 degrees Celcius in order to preserve its raw integrity.


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