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Product Size: 75ml

Product Information:
The first toothpaste on the South African market based on natural, edible ingredients. Due to its mild antibacterial properties it is recommended to help prevent the build-up of dental plaque and prevent gum tissue problems.
Olgani Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste is a fusion of NutrireB – a proprietary blend of sea salt, organic sesame oil and rice flour with herbal extracts and essential oils. It is nourishing and caring for teeth and gums, will freshen breath and leave teeth feeling clean with a fresh, minty taste.

Child-friendly. Safe to swallow.

Aqua, sea salt, Oryza sativa (rice) flour, xanthan gum, Sesamun indicum (sesame)oil*, Mentha piperata (peppermint) oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil*, extracts of propolis, Camelia sinesis (green tea), Hydrastis canadensis (goldenseal), Ginkgo biloba, echinacea
*ingredients from organic farming

Taste familiarisation:
The high proportion of active ingredients in Olgani Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste produces a slightly intense taste that may require a period of familiarisation.
Within 1-2 weeks you should be positively familiar with the taste.

Directions for use:
Place a large pea-sized amount on your toothbrush and brush as normal twice a day.
For children under six years, use a smaller amount


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